Serdar SEN

                                                                    Mathematical and Financial Engineer                                                                            Tel: +336 17 95 70 65 | Mail:


Graduate from ESILV as generalist engineer with a major in mathematics and financial modelling, I’m just finishing my intership. I worked as quantitative analyst. I developed econometric models to estimate the credit spread sensitivity of an issuer to a basket of chosen variables.  

I am interested by mathematics and financial modelling. Especially credit risk and valuation methods of  financial derivatives . Here you will find my differents project and some algorithm based on pricing of differents financial derivatives. My goal is to share with you some of my work and research related to finance and more particulary financial engineering and model. Even though you might already know the most of the content , I hope you would enjoy browsing on this website.
During my previous intership at HSBC, Global banking and Markets, Paris Branch, I have worked in trading floor with Structured Equity Derivatives Team. I have worked on a trading platform for equity derivatives.

Today, I am working in quantitative analysis. I am working on econometrics credit risk model.I am looking for more opportunity in quantitative finance.

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